Érica’s Dream School

Érica’s Dream School

My ideal school is big and modern. It has a big swimming pool, a common room with a ping pong table, a snooker table and videogames, computers and tablets.

My dream school also has many activities and clubs, a big garden with a big lake with fish, a big sports field where we can do many sports, a big wall where you can paint and make graffitis. The rooms of my dream school are big and with computers and tablets for all students.

-Érica C.-


4 thoughts on “Érica’s Dream School

  1. I love your blog theme!! It’s so mysterious and really cool! If I had pick a dream school it would be a lot similar to yours because your school sounds amazing!!!

    1. Thank you so much. When I dream, I dream big. I’m glad you liked my post zoeh. I will definitely check your blog!

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