Erica’s favourite things

Erica’s favourite things


My favourite things are my sketch book, my phone and my comic books.

My sketch book because I love drawing, my phone because it is very useful, it has many games , it’s where I enjoy listening to music. I just love listening to music and I take many photos(especially of the sunset, I love its colours) with my phone because I am into photography!

I’m also fond of my comic books. I love their stories,  they are very entertaining, I have many comic books with Mickey and his friends.

I also love my dog Kate. She is almost 3 years old. She is part of the family. She is very crazy and energetic.

And what about you? What are your favourite things?



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One thought on “Erica’s favourite things

  1. Hello Érica, here is a comment that I wrote to you on our class blog:
    As you can see, many of our students like to draw and paint. Being creative is important to them, too. They will have their own blogs soon so I hope you will visit them and see what they create.
    Best wishes,
    Ms. Smith

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