Bea’s Eating Habits

Bea’s Eating Habits

I have a healthy diet. For me, food plays a very important role in my life because I like to eat but I I’m careful with the food I eat, with my diet.
On weekdays I don’t use to eat in the morning but I eat at lunch. When I have lessons in the afternoon I usually go to a cafe near the school but sometimes I have lunch at school. Out of school I eat hamburgers and at school I eat  meat sandwiches. I do not have weight problems of weight because I take care .
There are days when I’m an active person but there are other days when I am lazy. I spend a lot of time watching TV, playing games and surfing the internet but I know I spend too much time and it can become harmful to my health.
I´m a member of Instagram and Facebook because I like to socialize with other people.I know that some networks can be dangerous.I play Minecraft, League of Legends and Combat Arms because I like.
We should be be active and take exercise, be careful with what we eat, have a healthy diet.


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