Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Hi everyone!

My name is Érica and in this post I will talk about summer camps.

There are summer camps for all types of people. If you like technologies you can go to a tech camp; if you are more artistic you can attend an art camp; if you are more sporty and you can’t stay quiet, a sports camp is the ideal for you. In conclusion, you will find a summer camp where you can do what you like.

Summer camps have lots of activities available. You can do many different sports: basketball, soccer, tennis, water sports, archery, canoeing, etc. You can sing, dance, paint. Depending on which type of summer camp you go you can learn new things about computers, play games and more. go camping, fish, learn about the nature and many more.

In summer camps you will learn a lot of new things, learn new skills, improve your independence, become more active, make new friends for life, try new things and most importantly, have fun! In my opinion the only negative aspects of summer camps is being away from your home and family and that the prices can be too high sometimes.

I’ve never been to a summer camp but I would love to go to one. If I went to one, I would want to try new things, live unforgettable moments,make new friends and take lots of photos.

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