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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Hi everyone!

My name is Érica and in this post I will talk about summer camps.

There are summer camps for all types of people. If you like technologies you can go to a tech camp; if you are more artistic you can attend an art camp; if you are more sporty and you can’t stay quiet, a sports camp is the ideal for you. In conclusion, you will find a summer camp where you can do what you like.

Summer camps have lots of activities available. You can do many different sports: basketball, soccer, tennis, water sports, archery, canoeing, etc. You can sing, dance, paint. Depending on which type of summer camp you go you can learn new things about computers, play games and more. go camping, fish, learn about the nature and many more.

In summer camps you will learn a lot of new things, learn new skills, improve your independence, become more active, make new friends for life, try new things and most importantly, have fun! In my opinion the only negative aspects of summer camps is being away from your home and family and that the prices can be too high sometimes.

I’ve never been to a summer camp but I would love to go to one. If I went to one, I would want to try new things, live unforgettable moments,make new friends and take lots of photos.

Time of Freedom

Time of Freedom

The most memorable moment in my vacation was when I went to Cascais Lumia. My worst day was the last day of vacation because I had to go back to school routine. I had to wake up early and so could not sleep till late, I could no longer rest much.

Last summer I didn’t meet a lot of people, I met some of my boyfriend’s and my best friend’s. I spent more time with my best friend, with my boyfriend and 3 other friends. We hung around together, went to parties and had a good time.
In the future in the summer I would like to visit Zoomarine, a water theme park and a conservation center, in the Algarve. I would love to travel to Porto and Brazil to spend time with  my cousin.

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Holidays: Time of Freedom

Holidays: Time of Freedom

The most memorable event of my holidays was when I travelled to Monte Gordo, with my grandparents. There we met my uncles, and my cousins that were also there on vacations and all together we saw the Euro semi-finals in a restaurant, it was crazy!! We were 13, and the restaurant was very crowded, but it was great fun!

The worst day of my holidays was the last because my holidays seemed very short, so on the last day I was a bit sad because they were over.

I met many people during my holidays. Some were from my grandmother’s village in Alentejo, and others I met during my trip to Monte Gordo. The people I spent most time with were my grandparents because I went to the Algarve with them. Unfortunately my parents couldn’t go with us because they were very busy. With my grandparents I went to the beach, went to restaurants, walked around and had fun!

In the future I would like to visit an exotic place, like the Caribbeans, or visit Orlando because there are many parks like: Disney world, Universal studios, and a park about Harry Potter. I would like to visit these parks with my parents and my grandparents.


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