Eating Habits, Lifestyle and Social Media

Eating Habits, Lifestyle and Social Media

I think I have healthy eating habits and lifestyle. Food plays a big role in my life but I still manage to take care of my body and health.
I don’t exactly have constant eating habits because every day I eat different things (except for breakfast) but my daily diet has fruit, meat or fish, milk, yogurts, bread, soup and vegetables. I sometimes eat junk food, the type of junk food I eat more is cookies.I don’t have weight problems, I’m just a little out of shape but to solve that I am trying to do more exercise and to be more active.
To keep fit I play and run with my dog ,so we both do exercise, and sometimes I play a game called just dance on wii where we have to dance (like the name says), it’s great fun! I am a mixture of an active person and a couch potato. In winter I am less active because of the weather. I prefer watching tv than surfing the Internet and playing games but I also like doing that.
I am a member of facebook because it’s very useful to communicate with family and friends that are far away from you. I’m also a member of Instagram because I like taking photos and doing crafts and Instagram is perfect to share my photos and to see many other photos, videos and art. Instagram is also where I read inspiring and interesting quotes that I can relate to.

Having a balanced diet and an active lifestyle is very important. To stay in shape and healthy we should eat a big variety of foods and do exercise regularly.

Having a healthy lifestyle is important but don’t forget to have fun too!
What do you do to stay in shape? And how can you keep fit and have fun at the same time?

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  1. Hi! I really enjoyed this blog because it reminds me of myself. We have a lot of similarities such as playing with our dogs and just dance and also being a mixture of an active person and a couch potato! Haha! Anyways, eating healthy is something I should start because I do love chips! Maybe you could check out my blog @

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